Concrete pipes

Mould equipment for the production of bell-shape collar pipes, DN 3000 mm, production length 5000 mm for use as cooling water pipeline in brown coal power plants.
Moulding equipment for the production of prestressed high pressure pipes, DN 2800 mm, production length 4000 mm for use at field construction sites.
Mould equipment for the production of steel jacketed high pressure pipes, DN 1800 mm, production length 6000 mm for potable water lines.
Mould equipment for the production of reinforced concrete jacking pipe, DN 3600 mm, production length 3000 mm for the "EUROPIPE" project.
Mould equipment for a vibration machine for the production of concrete pipes with base, DN 2000 mm, production length 2500 mm.
Mould equipment for the production of well filter pipes. The spigot ends on the pipes are made of polymer concrete and the main pipe of a single grain structure.
Reinforced Concrete Jacking Pipe DIA 2800 mm ready for transport to the site
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Mould equipment for production of reinforced concrte jacking Pipes ready for shipment
Reinforced Concrete Pipe for a coal-fired power station. Pipeline for transport of cooling water
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