Mahole Configurator

Here:  screen for job datas

Data input


Machine visualization and QR code job scan

Each job containes different numbers of mold elements going to be milled on the PECO Robot

e.g. 1 drainage negative, 3 hole formers

Hot wire cutting of styrofoam block
Zuschneiden EPS
Bearbeiten PECO Robot
Milling of the drainage negative on the PECO Robot with automatic tool change
Lateral machining on the PECO Robot
Seitenbearbeitung PECO Robot
FOK 4858   Kopie
Assembly of the drainage negativ and hole formers from styrofoam and polyurethan
Connection of hole former
Beschichten und komplettieren
Entschalen AS
Demoulding of manhole base
Vacuum demoulding of the drainage negative and demoulding of the hole formers supported by a tool
Entschalen EPS
Betonteil drehen
Turning manhole base with a forklift